Science Symposium

Your chance to shine in Science. All Branson freshmen and juniors in science electives (Biotechnology, Advanced Environmental Science, Ma­rine Biology, and Microbiology) have the opportunity to conduct their own research, create presentation boards, and show their work to the school and to outside profes­sional judges each year at The Branson Science Sympo­sium. Students receive awards for Best in Category and Best in Symposium.

Have you found yourself facing everyday questions like:
  • Which common water filter is most effective at removing ions from water?
  • How does the type of Advil affect the time it takes to dissolve in water?
  • What are the effects of common foods on the growth of oral bacteria?
  • What sport has a cleat with the most amount of forward traction?
Or have you long pondered:
  • Is there a difference in the impact of music on blood pressure between adults and teenagers?
  • What effects do ingredients found in sunscreens have on the growth of Staphylococcus epidermitis?
  • What is the effect of various chemical substances on the color and degeneration of synthetic blood stains?
Maybe you've found yourself wondering:
  • Which type of 3D printing filament is the best compromise between shear strength per unit area and Poisson’s ratio by density?
  • What is the effect of electricity on the strength of wolf spider dragline silk?

Students conducted research on these and other fascinating questions for the 2017 BSRP (Branson Science Research Projects) and presented their results at the Branson Science Research Symposium on June 2. After a panel of judges reviewed them, awards were given out in each of six categories. One was voted by the head judges to be the best presentation and poster of the ninth grade, and that went to Adriana Golden '20.
You can see the abstract and the poster of her research.