We are dedicated to enriching students’ understanding of the natural world and enabling students to have a more positive relationship with their environment.

We encourage our students to pursue the study of nature while making deep and wise impacts as occupants of this earth, our only home. We strive to help students:

  • Sharpen their habits of intelligent inquiry, thoughtful research, organized experimentation, and critical analysis and use these skills in other academic work and everyday life.
  • Become able to express scientific ideas clearly, interpret data, and organize a diverse body of material into a coherent whole
  • Engage in a spirit of cooperative learning
  • Find themselves enthusiastic and confident about science and their potential for future scientific endeavors
  • Gain perspective on, and understanding of, the natural world and their role in it
  • Cultivate an open, yet critical mind so that they can distinguish the wonders of real science from the wishful thinking of pseudoscience