Global Education

We bring the world to you. You can can take courses through the Global Online Academy (GOA), participate in ongoing exchanges with a sister school in Taiwan and a school in Switzerland, or go on school-sponsored trips to explore new communities--human and animal--and work with local people and scientists while on those trips.

nicaragua Cultural immersion

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Every other year we offer students the chance to immerse themselves in the culture of Nicaragua, led by ViviendasLeón, whose motto is “Not just travel … Transformation.” Traveling to the indigenous region of Sutiaba near León, students stay in residents' homes in the rural community, where Spanish is the only language spoken. They work in rural areas on sustainable development projects—like developing gardens, creating arts and crafts for sale--that help the community become more self-reliant. Professors come to one of the homestay homes to give a lecture and lead a discussion with students about politics, culture, and history. The group also visits art history museums in León to better understand the context in which they find themselves.

Taiwan Cultural Immersion

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Through a variety of hands-on activities, students had a chance to practice the Chinese language, learn about local life, and participate in community service projects. Among other experiences, during the trip, the students:

  • Picked jade in the stream and polished it themselves
  • Visited the Taipei zoo and Taroko gorge, the largest marble gorge in the world
  • Explored the local life by river tracing
  • Went to a tea plantation and made their own teabags
  • Participated in community service
  • Saw cultural sites, like the Shiqian Museum, the Palace Museum and Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world
  • Went scuba diving and explored a squid nest in a nursery house

other Past Trips


During a trip to Tanzania, students brought supplies to a high school, visited an animal orphanage, and went on safaris to safaris in Tarangire National Park , Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park (Ndutu). Highlights included seeing lots of elephants, hippos, black rhinos, lions, cheetahs, and a baby wildebeest being born. Tanzania is also known for its huge variety of birds, and the trip did not disappoint in this regard!


Latin teacher Henri de Marcellus and Italian teacher Gisella Petrone took a group of students to Italy, where they explored the ancient ruins of Rome, Ostia Antica and Verona; saw the artistic glories of the Vatican, and traveled the canals of Venice. Language students had a chance to practice Italian and Latin, but the trip was open to all Branson students.