There's nothing quite like a Branson education.

Our outstanding faculty are experts in their fields, passionate about teaching, and committed to guiding each and every student toward realizing their potential. Our rich class offerings provide just the right level of challenge to students at every level of the program. Skills and confidence developed during early years build each year into higher levels of mastery and understanding.

Here at Branson we will teach you to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate with peers. We will train you to think creatively when solving problems, stay courageous when taking on a challenge, and be respectful when interacting with others.

We will also challenge you to think about your place in the world, what is important to you, and what kind of difference you want to make with your life.

Branson is known for its close relationships between students and teachers, and the Branson classroom is where those relationships come to life. Lectures are rare; instead, students engage in, and frequently lead, dynamic discussions and debates, they work in small groups and then compare their findings, or they are given new problems to tackle on their own and supported as needed. All the while, teachers challenge students to take their thinking a step further, to persist in the face of a challenge, and to broaden their perspective as they gain new insights.

We place a high value on developing the whole student, so in addition to our academic offerings, every student takes two terms of Human Development, where they learn skills for managing stress, creating healthy relationships, and making safe decisions. Students are also supported by their faculty advisor and Class Dean throughout their four years at Branson.

Come, spend the day with us, visit our classes, and see for yourself.