Student Support

You don't have to figure it out alone ...

Whether adjusting to a new school, facing the challenges of a new grade, or looking for tools to help you in the classroom, we have people and programs that can help. The Dean of Student Life & Inclusion is the visionary leader and heart of student development and activities at Branson, and she directs the services below. She is also a welcoming and accessible resource for student and parents alike.


All students are given an advisory group that stays in place for them all four years. Weekly meetings and lunches give you time to connect, raise questions, and talk about concerns. Your faculty advisors will be your guide to all things Branson, helps you stay on track, and will act as your advocate when needed. What do students like best about advisory? The snacks!

Class Deans

Each grade has a Class Dean who acts as students' primary source of support and oversees all grade-level activities. Your Class Dean will follow you for all four years.


Our licensed counselor, Kim Fahlen, is available for all students to help navigate social and emotional situations whether major or minor, chronic, or acute. She says, "There are many adjustments throughout high school, and being able to talk during a difficult time and get objective guidance is extremely valuable.

Each time a student leaves my office, I hope to send them off with a new understanding, idea, or insight."

Human Development

Who are you and who are you becoming? Our Human Development programs offer you classes and activities that bring health information, specialized professionals, and personal resources to you. You will get a betting understanding of yourself and build social and emotional skills that help as you come face to face with the many decisions and responsibilities of becoming an adult. Co-Director Kim Fahlen teaches a Human Development course for all freshmen and Co-Director teaches Human Development and Sexuality to all sophomores.

Rand Learning Center

Students with diagnosed learning differences have a point of access in the Rand Learning Center. Our Learning Specialist, Annie Morris, is available to meet weekly with students and provide support with identified areas like organization, time management, study skills, and assistive technology tools. She also assists students with the implementation of approved accommodations, such as extended time for in-school assessments. Accommodations Coordinator, Suzanne Fransen, assists students in applying for standardized test accommodations. Staff can offer referrals to independent professionals for families seeking formal educational evaluations.

Meredith Herrera

Meredith Herrera

Dean of Student Life
B.A., University of Southern California
M.A., The George Washington University