Leading Voices

Student voices are heard ...

in every area of campus. Students lead our twice-weekly assemblies, where ideas, experiences, and discussion topics are shared with the whole school. Students are asked to present at faculty meetings, to our Board of Trustees, and to provide counsel to our Head of School.

Your presence and your voice will matter, whether you hold a position in one of the groups below or belong to any of the many groups our students run.

Our students' ideas, initiatives, activism, and wisdom are what make Branson strong.

CE Coordinator

The Community Engagement (CE) Coordinators are a select group of students who have shown passion and leadership in our CE program. Typically, they are juniors and seniors who have previously held a leadership position in groups like SF Sandwiches, REST, Rec. Inc, or Story Stars. This year, we have a diverse group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors striving to make CE at Branson more visible and broadening the scope of our programming.

Head's Advisory Council

Head's Advisory Council (HAC) discusses current issues at the school, serves as a sounding and discussion board for both student and administrative initiatives, and generally puts students in direct contact with the Head of School. Students apply to be a member of HAC for a one-year term.

Honor Council

Elected annually by their classmates, students in the Honor Council hear cases, determine whether the Honor Code has been violated, and recommend consequences to the Head of School.

Peer Tutoring

Students volunteer to provide their peers with learning support in particular classes.

Student Health Initiative

Student Health Initiative (SHI) leaders plan and implement the Student Health Day in March--from polling the student body on relevant topics to inviting speakers to our campus.

Key Club

Key Club is open to all freshmen and sophomores who want to host prospective student visitors. All interested students receive training in September and host visitors until the beginning of January.

Student Senate

Student Senate members are elected by their peers to serve as representative of the student body. They create events and policy and advise the administration on issues that concern students.

media voices

Ariel - Literature & Arts Journal

The Blazer, Student Newspaper

Branson Broadcasting Network