Clubs and Groups

Find a group for your interests or make one!

At our annual Clubs Fair, you will hear about groups that have been around Branson for years, and ones that someone decided to create themselves. All will try to get you to sign up with signs, snacks, and even song–like our boys A Cappella group, The Acafellas:

Below a few groups appeal to you virtually based on your interests.

If you like...


Join the Treble Threat (girls A Cappella group)

... where you will gain performance experience and develop stage presence and stronger singing skills.


Join Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Raising

... where you will learn to train puppies and get involved in Marin Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Developing friendships

Join Best Buddies of Cedar

...where you will feel really happy that you put a smile on the face of our Buddies at Cedars.

Asian Culture

Join the Asian Student Alliance

... where you will find a space for students who identify as Asian and those who are interested in Asian cultures.

The environment & being outside

Join the Environmental Action Committee

... where you will get involved in projects like compost, gardening, solar energy, and water conservation.

Government & Political affairs

Join the Government & Politics Association

... where you will find an open environment for political debates and constructive discussions.

Building, programming, & engineering

Join the Bullworks

... where you will get support and camaraderie in learning how to design, engineer, program & make things!

Ocean Life & Research

Join the Sustainable Seas Monitoring Group

... where you will gain a greater understanding of marine ecosystems and learn data collection and field research techniques.


Join the Animal Rights Awareness group

... where you will give voice to those who do not have one.

Fundraising & Planning Fun Events!

Join the Interact Club

... where you'll be with an awesome group of students of all grades and learn how to contact organizations and deal with fundraising.


Join the Branson Sports Broadcasting Network

... where you can film and produce broadcasts of Branson sporting events.

Gardening & Farm Education

Join the Garden Club

... where you can help tend the Branson garden & learn about composting and sustainability.

Debate & Foreign Policy

Join Model United Nations

... where you will learn about foreign policies, practice parliamentary debate, improve research skills, and travel to Model UN conferences at UC Berkley and Stanford.

Little kids!

Join Story Stars

... where you will build relationships and have fun with adorable kids from Marin Performing Stars while helping them with their homework and reading skills.

great Music sung by Great Guys

Join the Acafellas

... where you will get musical and performance experience in a laid-back environment.

LGBTQ+ culture & activism

Join the Queer Straight Alliance

... where you will learn how to support and involve yourself in the LGBTQ+ community, regardless of your gender, sexual, or romantic orientation!

Mental Health

Join the Mental Health Alliance

... where you will learn about and help remove barriers around mental health issues.

Yoga, breathing & laughing!

Join the Yoga Club

... where you can release stress, get exercise, and learn how to take your yoga practice into the rest of your life.

or love playing cards

Join the Branson Card Club

... where you will find a great way to relax, de-stress and have fun with your friends, or new people you've never met before!


Join the Baking Club

... where you will get baking experience and have fun times!


Join Acting, the Club (Dead Actors Society)

... where you will get practice with improvisational acting.


Join the Wildlife Protection and Awareness Club

...where you will learn about wildlife destruction and conservation.