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Welcome Incoming Students

From the Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs

Dear Incoming Students and Families,

Welcome to Branson! We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us, and we look forward to working with you next year. As we plan for next year, we hope to orient you to our academic program and make sure you have the information you need about how we place students into classes. Please familiarize yourself with the Branson Curriculum Guide 2017-2018. The course descriptions in the Curriculum Guide will give you a detailed picture of Branson academics, including each department’s sequence of courses and homework philosophy, which identifies the skills and intellectual habits we cultivate in each area of study.

As part of getting each student off to a good start at Branson, we need to identify proper placement in each subject area. All freshmen take English I and Roots of Civilization.  The Math, Language, Science and Arts departments have their own procedures for determining placement.  Most Branson student take four years of each core subject.
Feel free to contact me with questions.
Thank you,
Karen Whitaker
Assistant Head of School for Academics

Additional information about placement results:


Students must take three years of one language or two years each of two languages to fulfill the graduation requirement. The current Language Department offerings are Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish and Spanish for Native and Heritage Speakers. Students wishing to take the first year of any language can simply sign up for that course. Students wishing to place into Level II or higher must take a placement test. You may address Language questions to


Students must take three years of Mathematics including Algebra II to fulfill the graduation requirement. In order to determine placement, all incoming students are asked to take the Algebra I Placement Test, regardless of what math class they hope to take. That test will determine whether students have a satisfactory foundation in Algebra I in order to move on to Geometry or Geometry Honors. Students who wish to place into a higher level than Geometry must take a placement test for each class they hope to place out of. For example, students wishing to take Precalculus must take the Geometry placement Test and the Algebra II placement Test. You may address Mathematics placement questions to


Students must take three years of Science to meet the graduation requirement. Beginning with the class of 2018, the three courses required for graduation are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In order to determine appropriate placement (Physics or Physics Honors), all incoming freshmen will take the Science Placement Test. That test will determine whether students have a sufficiently strong foundation in Algebra and abstract reasoning skills required for success in the Physics Honors course. You may address Science placement questions to


Student must take two years of Arts to fulfill the graduation requirement. Experienced musicians, singers, and dancers should schedule a placement audition. Many Art courses suitable for freshmen do not require an audition, including Survey of Visual Arts, Dance I, Athletic Dance for Men, Beginning Acting, Music and Performance and Chorus. You may address Music placement questions to and Dance placement questions to

    Branson New Student Welcome Day

    Saturday, April 29th


    Branson Commons

    Lunch provided 

    Invitation will be emailed on April 5th

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  • Placement Tests will be held on April 24 & 26 for Algebra and Language.

    Science Test will be held on May 1 & 3.

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New Student Welcome Day
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