Former Dance Teacher Stacey Printz Returns to Branson as Visiting Artist

Branson alumna and former faculty member Stacey Printz returned to Branson this winter to set a work for the Dance Performance Ensemble. In seven sessions, Printz created an evocative work titled “Surfacing” that was performed for the annual winter dance concert, Body Talk, in January 2020.

Printz is the Artistic Director of Printz Dance Project (PDP). With her company she has performed in San Francisco for 19 years, as well as touring across the nation and internationally in Russia, Lithuania, Ireland, The Virgin Islands, and Mexico. In the Bay Area, Printz is on faculty at Alonzo King’s LINES Dance Center, and teaches at RoCo Dance Mill Valley and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley. 

Branson Dance Director Georgia Ortega noted that with each rehearsal the ensemble became more emotive and willing to engage in the work.

“One of my favorite parts of Stacey’s piece was the lack of counts in the music," recounted dancer Nicole Black. "This slight disorientation forced us to focus intensely on each other and the movements happening around us. This made for a focused and connected performance experience.“

Maya King said, “Being able to learn and work with an accomplished member of the dance community was such an honor, and her connections to Branson made the experience all the more special. Her style is a wonderful balance of jazz and contemporary that made us feel something, and being able to use her choreography as a way to express emotion was a great experience.”

“Stacey taught us her lyrical, emotive choreography with patience and support," Senior Adriana Golden noted. "Each class was engaging and revealed her focuses in choreography, such as breath work and texture. It was inspirational to see how a Branson alumna has taken her passion for dance into the professional world by founding a dance company. Hearing about Stacey’s college dance experience reaffirmed my desire to pursue a dance minor in college next year.”