Artist and Owner of The Aesthetic Union James Tucker Visits Advanced Visual Arts

James Tucker, owner and operator of The Aesthetic Union, a letterpress print shop in San Francisco, visited Advanced Visual Arts elective “Taking A Stand: Messaging the Masses,” as a part of the class’ ongoing exploration of art as a vehicle for social progress. While introducing students to the process of hand editioned printing, the class discussed the rich history such access afforded protest and propaganda posters.

Students were then given the opportunity to design a poster in support of a current social issue or social benefit organization. Working in small groups the students came up with eight designs. With input from the class and community artists, they whittled down the results to a few finalists and ultimately a winning design, which the The Aesthetic Union will be printing! Stay tuned for your chance at a copy.

Zoom class with James

Sasha Sherstnev ‘22, Spencer West ‘22, Reed Boscoe’ 21 (Winner)

By Cici Dedyo ‘22, Natalie Wendt ‘22 (Finalist)


By Tika Winn ‘22, Sage Sanderson ‘22, Amanda Morris ‘22 (Finalist)