Abhisek Roy Teaches Bhangra to Branson Dancers

On Friday, September 11, Abhisek Roy shared the history of Bhangra dance and music from Punjab, India with the Athletic Dance for Men II class. Students learned the traditional dance steps of Bhangra, the fusion of the movements and music with genres such as hip hop and reggae music, and discussed the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.

Mr. Roy is from Asansol, West Bengal, India and immigrated to the US last year. He has a B.A. in Fashion Design from NIFT and a Masters in Design from NID.

He and his wife Cécile Lelièvre, Branson's Director of Administrative Technology, reside on the Branson campus with their two dogs, Kira and Whistler.

Students shared their reflections on the class below: 

“I enjoyed learning about Indian culture and comparing it to American culture.”

- Luke Shane '23

"Bhangra is a highly exciting dance that uses and shows high energy." 

- Jeffrey Huang ‘23

“I could see some parallels between what we had learned and some modern uncredited dances in the media.” 

- Jack Collet ‘23

“Bhangra is like an elephant, it is big and awesome.”

- Ben Boas ‘23