Summer Art Inspiration: Creative Practices at Home

Looking for some inspiration for easy at-home art practices during the summer? Students in Advanced Visual Art submitted their ideas for “creative practices” using different artistic media that are easy to find at home or around the house. We’ve shared five of these students’ ideas and their reflections on creating art during shelter-in-place below. We hope you feel inspired to pick up a piece of paper, dig out those watercolors, find beauty outside your window, or hunt for interesting stones in your neighborhood!

During this quarantine, I've found myself coming back to a place of creativity. Without too many other things to focus on, I've really been able to dive into detailed work. The natural elements are something that I've always loved to draw, but now more than ever, I miss being able to go out and enjoy it in real life. The lack of many rigid lines or shapes is a representation of how everything feels, as the days sort of blend together. The piece of reflective paper symbolizes how many people are now utilizing this time to think and reflect on a lot of bigger picture things. Being able to see your own reflection in the paper is a reminder to do the same. 

- Skye Zweben


During this stressful time I’ve found it very comforting to work on art. Specifically, I dove into a painting that brought me back to joyful times from my childhood. I’ve found it very helpful to paint outside and breathe in the fresh air. It is moments of peace and happiness like these that keep me grounded.

- Abigail Wines

I just completed a simple creative practice for you to share with members of the Branson community who are interested in working creatively during shelter-in-place but might not have access to many art resources. I thought that origami is a very accessible creative practice since all you need is a sheet of paper. I made a small dragon out of a sheet of math scrap paper I found in my cabinet. People could also experiment with creating their own origami paper by drawing images or patterns before folding.

- Kaya Dierks


Sketch, paint, or draw an area either inside your house or a view from a window or outside (great way to spend time outdoors if possible). In this piece, I focused on deep space and light/values. 

- Naomi Kessinger

Creative Practice: Take some time to get outside (practicing social distancing). Take a photo of anything you notice in your surroundings that you find intriguing. Then, create an artistic reinterpretation of the subject of the photo with whatever materials you have access to. It could be a drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, or form of digital art. Try to reimagine one feature of the subject - the color, size, shape, etc.

- Julietta Camahort