Students and Faculty Assemble to Process and Discuss the Insurrection at the Capitol

Branson students, faculty, and staff met to discuss and process last week’s insurrection and attack on the US Capitol—along with related current and past events—during assembly and dedicated class time on Friday. 

“We have the privilege to not just react, but then to move forward.” said Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dr. Juan Carlos Arauz during opening remark, “this is your beloved community with the words OUR in your and UNITY in community. Do not let perfection lead you, but rather our humanity embody you. Branson, be bold, be brave.”

Towards that end, the school community shared resources, including a glossary of terms and an essay by author and professor Dr. Ibram Kendi, to stimulate in-class conversations.

Teachers moderated as students shared views and asked questions on everything that has transpired recently, while working to place it in an accurate historical context, while examining the themes of the American Dream and Denial.   

“I am hopeful and encouraged by your openness and honesty, your desire to listen, to ask questions, to listen again and ask some more, to engage with others and to ponder,” Dean of Students Sabrina Wilson said of the exchanges. 

We also share Director of Studies Chance Sims "big inclusive shout out" to the Inauguration Working Group, school leadership, and department chairs for their extraordinary efforts in support of this work, including a special acknowledgement of gratitude to Jeff Symonds, JuanCarlos Arauz, Sabrina Wilson, Gigi Craig, Allyson Seal, and Nathalio Gray for their tireless commitment to this project.

And, as we head into Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, we close with JuanCarlos’s concluding remarks:

“In Dr. King's words, ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.’ So, I choose love, and that means, engaging. So I hope you choose the same.”