Nathalio Gray Named Assistant Head of School

Branson's Head of School, Chris Mazzola, announced today that she has appointed Nathalio Gray to take on the role of Assistant Head of School for Mission Advancement.

In this newly expanded role, Nathalio will continue in the role of Director of Admissions, which he has held for 6 years, and will take on the added responsibilities of oversight for transportation and security. In addition, he will serve as the main school liaison to the Parents’ Association, and will serve in Chris's stead with the support of the administrative team if she is not available. He will continue to oversee the Summer Program, as he has been doing for several years now. 

This is Nathalio’s 21st year at Branson; he came to the school as a recent graduate of Morehouse College in 2001 and has spent his entire career as a proud Branson Bull. During that time he has served in many roles at the school, including Director of the Summer Program, Director of Community Service, Director of DEI, and Director of Transportation.

In her announcement, Mazzola writes, "No one is more loyal to the school than Nathalio, and he can always be spotted in Branson gear cheering like crazy at athletic contests, and music, theater, and dance performances. Most importantly, Nathalio lives and breathes Branson’s mission and values in all that he does. His commitment to developing students who make a positive impact in the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning, and joy is palpable in all of the work he has done in his twenty years at the school. I am grateful that Nathalio has agreed to take on this role, as it will certainly help to make Branson the very best school it can be."

Congratulations to Nathalio! We thank him for his past and future work on the school’s behalf.