Branson Community Encourages Day of Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This weekend, many members of the Branson community will honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by participating in a day of service. 

“We began this weekend having tough conversations about the current moment which made us vulnerable, uncomfortable, and brave,” said Director of Community Engagement Janeal Fordham, “participating in these service opportunities demonstrates that the work does not have to end there.”

If you would like to join, below are links to virtual and in-person opportunities to volunteer over the MLK weekend. These sites offer a variety of engagement experiences based on your interest. There are initiatives to address housing insecurity, food insecurity, poverty, climate change, and many more. Most of them are ongoing. 

For Branson students who left Friday discussions wondering how you can make a change, these programs offer a great start.  

“As we face a global pandemic and threats to our democracy domestically, it is particularly important to revisit the work of Dr. Martin Luther King,” Janeal says. “His work teaches us how to combat white supremacy and instills values that build up our national pride. By following our convictions and curiosity, we can make meaningful change in this world. I hope this weekend brings you hope for a more just world.”