History Teacher Malik Ali on EO 8802, 80 Years Later

June 25, 2021 marked the 80th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order 8802, prohibiting discrimination in the defense industry. Branson History Teacher Malik Ali recently published a piece for Teaching American History honoring this anniversary and examining its significance.

He concludes, "The ultimate impact of 8802 may be considered modest in comparative scale to its advocates’ goals, the larger social movement, and the work to be done. But 8802 established federal re-engagement in matters of race and equality, a crucial commitment to America’s promise. And its larger context is a testament to the power of citizen action. In both of these regards, it remains an important and underappreciated event, signposting a path for positive change."

Read the full article about this important milestone in American history.

Malik's deep passion for and broad knowledge of history are no secret at Branson – or beyond, where he's been honored by the Teaching American History organization and the James Madison Foundation. But history wasn't the first subject Malik taught at Branson. After coaching middle school woodwind musicians in Philadelphia, tutoring peers in mathematics at Morehouse College, and teaching Language Arts in Miami's Summerbridge Program, Malik came to Branson nearly 20 years ago as a Gallard Fellow and spent his first decade here teaching English. He also established Branson's Track & Field program and continues to serve as its head coach. Whatever the discipline, Malik always seeks interdisciplinary opportunities to deepen students' understanding and appreciation for the material. In June 2021, he was awarded Branson's prestigious Tukman Distinguished Teacher Award. Learn more about Malik and his approach to teaching here.