Class of 2021 Fellowship Recipients Present Summer Projects

      Class of 2021 Fellowship Recipients, December 2019

Branson's Junior Fellowships are a long-standing tradition. In November, fellowship recipients from the Class of 2021 presented on their summer 2020 projects via video. You can hear from all thirteen recipients by exploring the links below. Their fellowships tackled everything from addressing the climate crisis to using machine learning for cognitive assessments for seniors and scoring music for short films. 

Follow the links below to watch recipients present on their 2020 Summer Junior Fellowships. 


Gigi Alioto- Pier
Gigi explored the social and scientific presence of disabilities in our communities, with a specific focus on intellectual and mental disabilities. 
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Spencer Hao
Spencer conducted an independent research project to learn more about the relationship between music and the brain. 
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Stasia Winslow
Stasia supported the work of WonderPads - an organization that produces and distributes washable, reusable sanitary pads to girls who generally have little access to them.
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Carly Yoon
Carly conducted an independent research project on nutrition, with a focus on high school girls and their relationship with their food, body, and exercise.
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Kaya Dierks
Kaya worked as an intern with the nonprofit Writopia, mentoring and co-teaching creative workshops for middle schoolers and working on their outreach and program team. 
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Serafina Carlucci
Serafina explored her passion for environmental science with a three-part fellowship inspired by the overarching question, "How do we live well in a place?" 
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Jessica Le
Jessica developed and taught a 5-week ecology course at Next Generation Scholars and worked as an intern at UCSF, researching new machine learning techniques to improve melanoma diagnoses. 
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Strat Tolmie
Strat interned at UCSF to learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as a solution to Parkinsons' disease.
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Amrit  Baveja
Amrit interned at MIT DAI lab working on their iBOCA platform and at company called SpliceMachine on a platform called MLManager.
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Caleb Liu
Caleb explored his interest in music composition by scoring short films, recomposing the Branson school song, and working with his local symphony to premiere an orchestral piece.  
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Sam Yolles
Sam explored his interest in music and religion through gospel music. 
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Maya King
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Maddie Folkers
Maddie researched invasive purple sea urchins along the Northern California coast and helped with removal efforts through scuba diving.
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