Community Engagement May Highlights

Given that Branson's community engagement programs have a heavy emphasis on person-to-person interaction, the shift to distance learning put many on pause. However, we have been thrilled to watch various CE groups and clubs continue to carry out new or existing ways to engage with the community. Providing support for and connecting with one another is more important now than ever. You can check out some recent activity below! 

Homeward Bound and the Environmental Action Committee

On Tuesday, May 19, Branson's Environmental Action Committee welcomed Maura Thurman of Homeward Bound – Marin County’s primary homeless shelters and services provider for homeless families and individuals – to talk about their community engagement project to restore their beehive. Homeward Bound shared photos of their garden and sustainable practice. They have an impressive loop of growing food, lodging families facing home insecurity, employing gardeners, and training chefs in the culinary arts. The Branson community can support Homeward Bound by checking out their products, like Wagster Treats for canine friends.


Q&A with Jon Haveman, Executive Director, NEED (National Economic Educational Delegation)

On Monday, May 18, our community welcomed economist Jon Haveman to talk about the economic implications of the health crisis. Dr. Haveman did an amazing job paralleling economic recovery concepts with natural disaster responses. This connection between the two allowed for a deeper breakdown of how the social, fiscal, and monetary policies would be implemented in various stages. Students and faculty explored these topics in an engaging discussion with Dr. Haveman. We hope that he will come back to visit us again! 

Best Buddies with Oak Hill School

Branson's Best Buddies have been connecting with Oak Hill School and Cedars via Zoom – complete with a "Let It Go" sing-along!


On Sunday, May 17, our Branson KEEN Coaches hosted the last session of the school year. The fun times began with Adeline Johnson spinning a "wheel decide" exercise. Spencer Hao read Make Way For Ducklings, which soothed and moved the whole group. Amanda Davis led the group in an exercise bingo to get everyone moving. The session had a nostalgic moment when Alexia Oltramare shared clips from popular Disney movies. And the session ended with a fantastic dance party!