Branson Spanish V Introduces Newscast: Boca de Branson!

In October, seniors in Spanish V created their first Spanish-language newscast, with the purpose of informing the Branson community about current events affecting Latinx and Latin American communities. Given the geographical expanse to be covered and the immense variety of possible topics, the students had to pick their stories carefully. In the end, five groups chose to research and report on the following topics: 

  • Latinx representation at Branson (Amanda Davis and Noelle Namba)

  • The impact of Covid-19 on Latinx communities in the Bay Area (Julietta Camahort, Bliss Green, and Anne Rewick)

  • Conditions for immigrants in ICE facilities (Maleena Shah and Thomas Upin)

  • Femicide in Mexico (Isabella Griffin-Masri and Sydney Pearson)

  • Protests against police brutality in Colombia (Julian Getsey and Maya King). 

The five segments were introduced by two student anchors, Samuel Yolles and Carly Yoon. Each group wrote their own English subtitles, and Thomas Upin worked the technological magic to put it all together. The class plans to produce a newscast every DEF rotation, continuing to cover topics related to Branson’s own Latinx community, while also researching events across the US and Latin America. 

You can view a clip here. Keep an eye out for future updates from Boca de Branson!

¡Esperemos que lo disfruten!