Branson Chefs Keep Us Fed from Afar

While there is a long list of things we miss about being together on campus, Branson lunches and the food that esteemed Branson Chef Marcus Trigg and his team put together every day are certainly near the top. Whether it’s the soups, pasta bar, or the entree of the day, the Branson kitchen never fails to provide a feast. 

But fear not – Marcus and his team at Epicurean have been putting together newsletters to share some of their delicious recipes, so we can bring a little bit of Branson home! From a Cinco de Mayo spread to spring-inspired dishes, you can find many of Branson’s fav recipes below, like Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Browned Sage Butter, Vegan Tacos with Fried Plantains, Tandoori Grilled Chicken Kabobs with Homemade Tzatziki Sauce, and Lemon Cooler Cookies. Yummmmm! The newsletters also include bits of inspiration and fun exercises. 

They’re helping to keep Branson’s wonderful cuisine in the family, as we all can now share it with ours. Though it won’t compare to the real thing, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Thank you, Marcus, Caamal, Wilbert, Aroldo and Lusvin! We miss you!

A note from Marcus: 

I'm hoping that while we are all working from home and sheltering in place/ social distancing that we take this time to get closer to our loved ones and spend more time with those in our households and I thought: what better way to do that then over dinner or lunch. With that being said here is a link to one of the community lunch favorites for you all to try at home! Enjoy and we hope to be back making wonderful food for you all soon!