Branson Boys Lacrosse Season Opens

The Branson boys lacrosse team (BLAX) took the field for the first time in over a year on Friday, April 16. While the results were not as hoped, the BLAX squad has plenty of room for optimism. There is some significant depth on this year’s team and with some games under their belt, they should be very competitive.

BLAX played Lick who are wrapping up their season. BLAX’s inexperience showed, but they came out of the gate competitive, at 2-2 deep into the first quarter led by tri-captain Kenyon Graham scoring on a strong effort. Lick came on strong against the inexperienced BLAX side and led 6-2 at the half.

The second half was a different story, with BLAX showing some real resolve on the defensive side of the field, led by tri-captain Stone Shepard, who forced numerous turnovers. BLAX held their own, and the second half was an even affair with Branson eventually being defeated 8-3. Game one saw the debut of freshman goalie Jonathan Evers, who is already showing excellent promise.

Next game is Saturday, April 24 vs. a tough Casa Grande squad. GO BLAX!

by Tom Shepard