Abby Dillon’s 2-Goal, 1-Assist Effort Leads Bulls in 5-0 Win Over San Rafael

In their first game after winter break, the Bulls Girls Varsity Soccer team faced San Rafael, in the start to four matches against teams in the bottom half of the league. With Terra Linda and Marin Catholic off to unexpectedly fast starts, any loss or tie in these games could be problematic. Against San Rafael, the Bulls looked sharp, showing no ill effects of the break.  

The Bulls' first goal came on a set piece as Eliana Prosnitz (Sr) sent a corner in over the head of the keeper at the 1-yard line to Abby Dillon (Sr) who smashed a header into the back of the net. After never using her head, Dillon now had two header goals in two games and was clearly becoming a force in the air. Dillon returned the favor to Prosnitz and found her at the 18 where Prosnitz slid past the defender and sent a left-footed shot into the back of the net. Next, a Caroline Deleon (So) throw-in was redirected by Noel Namba (Jr) to Caitlin Evers (Jr) who struck a lovely outside of the foot shot to the back of the net for a 3-0 halftime lead. Deleon had a strong game filling in for the ODP playing Emma Allen (So) and often faced San Rafael’s best player, Jackie Lancaster.

In the second half, Avery Hansen (Jr) was on a typical menacing run from her outside back spot. She found Dillon in the middle who finished with a chest trap and volley combination that seared the back of the net. Evers finished the scoring with a great near post run and used her knee to send a Prosnitz corner to the back of the net for the Bull’s 2nd set-piece goal. Marina Andreadis ( Sr) nearly made it 6-0 on a 50-yard free-kick that she took two steps before striking. The crowd was left wondering how far could Marina kick it with a full run on. Julia Chow (So) provided some valuable minutes in midfield as the Bulls looked to add to their depth chart.  

It was a solid outcome for Bulls, and a sense that set pieces, once a liability, were becoming a strength.


Eric Prosnitz

January 4, 2020