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Branson Garage: Let's Make Stuff!
Branson Communications

Students put on their thinking caps and protective gear, then took to heart the suggestion embedded in this immersive course description—The Branson Garage: Let's Make Stuff! 

Firing up the vinyl and laser cutters, 3D printer, and heat press, the group of 10 Branson makers crafted an array of objects, from remote control cars, to an electric guitar, to remote control blinds. 

Spencer W., Alexia O., Will S., and Jackson H. collaborated to create an infinity game room table with dancing neon lights. "We wanted to create a common room table for recreational spaces," the group shared. "We built a cool table to eat, play games, and show off to our friends. The portability of the table adds the essential element of versatility." The infinity table was built using illustrator, the laser cutter, the 3D printer, and Photoshop. 

“It was a fantastic experience,” said Director of Operations and Educational Technology Justin Culley, who led the course. “ We had a great group of students who jumped right into their projects and impressed me with their focus at the end of a long year.”