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Cedars and Branson Collaborate on "Superheroes" Project
Hannah Arndt

This winter, Best Buddies and Branson art classes have been collaborating to create a series of events and activities to celebrate and explore the idea of what it means to be "a Superhero/ Heroine." The project involves four different things:

  • A video that Branson students make describing who their favorite hero/ heroine is and why
  • A project between Allyson Seal's Drawing and Painting class and Cedars of Marin artists
  • Individual student art projects for any Branson student who wants to submit work for the Cedars exhibition in March
  • Best Buddies/Cedars superhero dance party!

To kick off the project, about 20 Branson students made videos on their favorite heroes. The Cedars artists watched those videos and created their own paintings based on Branson students' inspiring words.

This week, Branson School art teacher and health education teacher Allyson Seal's Drawing and Painting class and Cedars of Marin artists shared their Superhero project creations with each other, explaining their creative process and offering comments.

"Thank you for those students that made a video! It was truly inspiring to watch these two communities of artists work together in such an encouraging and supportive environment," writes Branson Language Department Chair Jenny Diaz, who helped coordinate the collaboration. 

On Wednesday, Branson students and the Cedars of Marin artists reunited, dressed in their favorite superhero costumes, for a dance party!

Thank you to the Branson project leaders – Jenny Diaz, Eric Oldmixon, and Allyson Seal – and Best Buddies leaders – Stasia, Gigi and Sydney – as well as to the many students and artists who participated to make the project a success!

See more of the artwork below. The Cedars curatorial team will determine which pieces are shown in the Heroes and Heroines Art Exhibition at Artist Within - A Cedars Gallery opening on March 4, 2021.