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A Field Trip to Remember: San Francisco’s Chinatown
Noam AuYeung '23

On Friday, October 7, students from Neha Kamdar’s English class, Voices From the Margins: A Journey Throughout Immigrant Narratives, and Ms. Kuo’s History class, Freedom in the Bay Area, went on a walking tour of Chinatown and visited the Chinese Historical Society Museum. 

students on field trip in china town

Junior Maeve M. reflected upon how this trip relates to the content covered in her English class, saying that her class “covers the literature and poems from immigrant narratives-- the alienation, feelings of homesickness, the search for the American Dream (and its downfalls). [So it’s] been a really interesting experience connecting all those texts with the real buildings, and stories so close within our community!” 

This trip evidently had a great impact on those participating, as Wilson W., a Branson Junior, noted that his favorite part of the outing was “observing the strength of the community.” Overall, experiencing the history of Chinatown appeared to be quite a meaningful experience for the students who embarked on this trip.

Chinatown in San Francisco