Giving to Branson

We are optimistic about the future. We understand why generations of students, parents, and alumni have loved and continue to love this little paradise tucked into a picturesque valley in Ross.

The beating heart of the place is the energetic buzz of young people learning: learning to communicate well, learning to think deeply and critically, learning to become thoughtful, compassionate citizens, learning how to navigate the inevitable challenges they will encounter in their lives, and learning the importance of making meaningful contributions to one’s community.

You can shape the future by giving to Branson.

Branson has been nurturing and educating young people for close to a century. Although we are never content with our efforts and constantly seek to improve, we are confident that we provide the atmosphere, training, and habits of heart and mind that our students need to become excellent citizens of the world they will inherit.

You will find an honest and humble generosity of spirit in all of the people you encounter at Branson, but you will also find the intellectual rigor and challenges we know you need in order to gain the crucial skill sets necessary to succeed with confidence as you mature and grow. A motivated peer group, a superior faculty, a peaceful setting: you will find all this and more at this exceptional place.

Rather than explain to you in detail all you will find at Branson, I invite you to come in, get comfortable, and look around; observe our lively classes, and sit among our students and faculty as they make their way through the day; a day that is certain to be filled with laughter, debate, camaraderie, and a genuine joy of learning and growing with like-minded individuals.

Come in, look carefully and closely, and when you are done examining what we provide, I bet you’ll want to stay awhile.

Chris Mazzola
Head of School

Philanthropy At A Glance

Annual Fund

What does Annual Fund cover?
In any given year, it will represent roughly 10% of the overall operating budget for that fiscal year.  It’s not “additional” money, but rather the anticipated balance of what will be needed to stay solvent in any given year.  It is all unrestricted; it goes where it’s needed. It has an immediate impact on: 

How long does the 2019 - 2010 Annual Fund campaign run?
The AF 2019-20 Annual Fund kicks off on Parents Day, Saturday September, 21st and runs through December 30th, 2019.

The goal for the 2019-20 Annual Fund is $1,650,000 with 100% current parent participation
ALL levels of giving make a difference!


AF 2018-19 TOTAL: $1,659,181
    2019    90%
    2020    91%
    2021    91%
    2022    99%




What is the BASH?

  • A no cost Branson community celebration, raising awareness and funds for our Financial Aid program.
  • 100% of funds raised goes towards Financial Aid

When is the BASH this year?

  • Saturday, April 25, 2019 @ Branson

Why it’s essential:
“The day I was introduced to Branson was the day my life was put on a different path.  Branson
Allowed me to fulfill my dreams, and put me in a position where i can help generations of students to achieve theirs.” Sonja Cotero Arriloa, Class of 1992.  President of a private school serving low income students, first-generation to college.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Branson families who were “ALL IN” in support of Financial Aid at our 2019 BASH!

$600,000 was raised for our FA programs!


Capital Campaign/Major Gifts

Ways To Give

Online Giving
Click here

Send checks to:
The Branson School
ATTN: Annual Fund
PO Box 887
Ross, CA 94957

Tax ID:
The Branson School

Stock Transfers:
Charles Schwab
403 Corte Madera Town Center

The Branson School
DTC#: 164

Ben Pastor,
Chief Advancement Officer
(415) 455-7113

Amy Knaus
Annual Fund Director
(415) 455-7216

Rebecca Houser ‘92,
Alumni Relations Director
(415) 455-7108

Hayley Burner
Major Gift Officer
(415) 455-7100

Maria Kallmeyer
Database Manager
(415) 455-7112

Giving Levels

Katharine Branson Circle

Mt. Tamalpais Circle

Patron Circle

Branson Benefactors

Spirit of Branson


Fernhill Friends

Strength in Numbers

Gifts to Branson are fully tax-deductible