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The Spirit of Branson ... is giving.

"We support Branson because... the older we get, the more we realize that the foundations of how we approach the world and the values we attempt to embody are deeply rooted in our Branson experiences.

Branson not only engaged our academic curiosity, offered us avenues of artistic expression and provided us fields to play on and friends to play with, it also taught us not to take these opportunities for granted. Through both curriculum and community service, the school challenged us to think beyond our immediate experience and consider the perspectives of others. Grounding our pursuits within a larger social context has proven to be Branson's ongoing gift to us, and for that, we are deeply grateful."

--Brook Cosby '96 and Morgan Cosby Howson '00

"I have supported Branson for 35 years because I am grateful for the fine education I received. Education is everything to me. I have also supported my nine grandchildren’s educational needs and they in turn are giving back to their schools, and the world, as teachers and working at non-profits."

-- Lila Heffelfinger Coleman '48

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