Annual Fund

We are honored to have been selected as Co-Chairs of the 2018-2019 Annual Fund. We come to you as parents of two Branson students (Nicholas, a rising junior and Giovanna, a rising sophomore) and in the hope that you will commit to participating in this year’s Annual Fund. It is our goal that the Branson community achieves 100% participation from all families to match the 100% involvement from the faculty, staff and the Board of Trustees to show our collective commitment to The Branson School.

The Annual Fund is an essential component of Branson’s continued pursuit of the best and most innovative programs, facilities, faculty and extracurriculars. It is also an integral part of achieving the many aspirational long-term goals for Branson. To maintain our place as one of the top schools in the Bay Area and the state, we need continually to evolve. While we recognize that tuition at Branson is not insignificant, the striking fact is that the educational opportunities that Branson provides cost more than the standard tuition covers. So, as we have in the past, we ask our community to come together, rise to the occasion and do what needs to be done to maintain all that makes Branson, Branson.

We often hear that our children receive an excellent education from Branson. However, in our opinion, Branson students, through their hard work, earn an exceptional education. Think of the hours that your child spends, not only at Branson attending classes, but also studying, reading, and discussing the issues that affect our world. Our children do this with an eye to their own futures, but also to the future of up-and-coming generations. Branson strives to provide them every opportunity to this.

Our theme for the 2018-2019 Annual Fund is Green for the Blue Bull. Donations to the Annual Fund are tax deductible. You can donate your “green” either by check, by going to our online donation form, or by responding to the annual fund email you’ll receive in late September.

At the start of each new year, we reach out to every member of our Branson community and ask that they further their commitment to our shared purpose and take part in the Annual Fund. We ask that they make a contribution that works best for their family and in doing so to become a part of the tradition of generosity here at Branson. There are designated levels of giving, however, any contribution made furthers our collective goal and is greatly appreciated.

Again, our goal is to have 100% participation from all Branson families, and we hope that with your support, our community will provide the environment needed to support our children’s future.

Michela Alioto-Pier
Tom Pier

Giving to Branson

Annual fund goal

Our goal is 100% participation from all families.


If you have questions about Branson's Annual Fund or want to be part of the volunteer team, contact Amy Knaus, Interim Director of the Annual Fund, at (415) 455-7216.