Welcome from the Parents’ Association

  • Marita Daly To the Branson Parent Community:

    I’d like to welcome our new Head of School, Chris Mazzola, to Branson. We’re so excited to have her leadership and vision for our school. I’ve met with Chris a couple of times already, and I’m impressed with her intelligence and experience. Chris has a deep understanding and appreciation of teens. I also admire the empathy she extends to parents who have the difficult job of shepherding teens through these tricky years in very challenging times. I find Chris to be calm, confident, and compassionate when discussing difficult issues facing our students. I trust that she will bring a new era of excellence to Branson.

    I’d also like to welcome new families to Branson. My kids have had a great experience here. My daughter, Elena, is a senior, and my son, Matt, graduated in 2014. They both received an excellent education, made close and supportive friends, and participated in interesting extracurricular activities. If your child is just starting at Branson, I’m really excited for you!

    And I hope you’ll get involved in the PA. The PA runs a variety of activities and events designed to build community and enrich the experience of students, faculty and parents. It’s run by an Executive Committee and a leadership board of over 60 parents. Every parent at Branson is a member of the PA. I’ve loved working in a variety of roles at Branson with interesting and talented parents! My husband Kevin and I have made fantastic friends here through volunteering and also by sitting on the sidelines of sporting events. Click here or at left to explore the many ways to get involved now. 

    The PA supports parents in the difficult job of parenting teens. I am continually floored by the challenges of parenting and appreciate that we are all working together to try to safely launch our children into the world. This year, we’re introducing Be The Influence Marin (BTI) as a new tool for connecting and supporting parents around the challenges of drugs and alcohol. In addition, Branson has adopted The Body Positive program to address body image issues, and two parents have been trained in this program. We also have a Parent Education Committee that brings to campus fascinating speakers on topics of interest to parents.

    The PA has set a number of priorities for next year, in addition to BTI. We’ve created a new position on the Executive Committee to address inclusivity, and Helen Castillo will be heading that Task Force. She will help us address issues such as making community gatherings more affordable to host and attend and making our events and activities as inclusive as possible. We are also focused on improving parent communication in partnership with our wonderful new Director of Communications, Janet Durkin.

    We’d like to know your priorities, so you can expect a survey soon about what you’d like the PA to do for parents. We know you have a lot of demands on your time, and we’d like to plan events that fit our community’s needs. Finally, I’m always looking for ways to improve how the PA does things. If you have an idea about something new, or improving something we already do, please let me know. 


    Marita Daly ‘76
    Parents’ Association President

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