College Counseling

  • The College Counseling Office at Branson is responsible for helping students and Branson families navigate the college search and application process. Our two primary goals are to ensure that each student has choices for attending college at the end of the process and to alleviate some of the stress that is often associated with college admissions. To this end, the College Counseling Office offers a comprehensive program that aims to guide and support students and families through the process. The program consists of several major components:


    Family College Nights
    Realizing that parents play a critical role in the college search and application process, the College Counseling Office offers families programming with three primary goals in mind; first to educate families about the current college admission landscape, second to provide insight into each aspect of the process, and lastly, to keep families informed about where their students should be in the overall process.
    The college counseling office currently offers the following evening programs:
    College Night for Seniors:  September
    Financial Aid and Scholarship Presentation:  October
    College Night for Juniors:  November
    Second College Night for Juniors:  January
    College Program for Sophomores:  February
    Case Study Night:  April
    Individual Appointments with Students and Families
    The college counselors will meet individually with students and parents beginning in the middle of junior year. 
    During the family meetings the student’s academic record, interests and goals are discussed. During the individual appointments with students, we seek to learn about the student’s personal and academic interests, explore possible college choices, and discuss expectations for the college search and college admissions process. 
    In the senior year, we continue to meet regularly with students and parents to provide guidance throughout the college application process, provide feedback and offer advice on students’ application essays, and help students with their final college decisions.
    List Balancing and Overall Strategy
    We support our students in their quest to be both ambitious and realistic when it comes to their college applications.  Using the student's specific academic, testing, and extracurricular background, the college counselors seek to educate students and their families about how to create balanced lists.  
    The college counselors formally review lists twice during the senior year. Utilizing Naviance, we will categorize lists in September and will do so again in November in a letter sent home to families.
    Relationships with Colleges

    The college counselors maintain relationships with colleges and universities through participation in college admissions conferences, professional organizations, and visit programs to colleges. 

    To help expose students to the various colleges and universities, the College Counseling Office welcomes over one hundred college admission representatives to the school each year. 
    College Counseling Bus Trip
    The college counseling office sponsors a robust touring program for current sophomore and junior students that takes place during Spring Break.  Typically, students will see over 10 different institutions in five days.
    Summer Essay Writing Workshop
    To help students get a head start on completing the essay portions of their applications, the college counseling offers three, week long essay writing workshops in the summer leading into senior year.

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