• Branson’s commitment to excellence includes the belief that “diversity of people and thought enriches us all and promotes responsible leadership in the global community.” -- excerpt from The Branson School Mission Statement

    The Branson School Strategic Plan states:

    Branson strives to create a diverse community where students are able to see themselves in the curriculum and identify with adults of similar backgrounds, ethnicities and orientations.  Diversity must be represented across the curriculum, across the spectrum of trustees, administration, faculty and students, and woven into the fabric of the mission.

    Our commitment to diversity at Branson includes:
    • offering a multicultural curriculum
    • continuing the Gallard Fellowship Program and other programs that bring faculty of color to Branson
    • drawing students from throughout Marin County, the East Bay and San Francisco
    • attracting students across the spectrum of diversity
    MLK Assembly 2012

Community Building Groups

Student Reflections

  • Sonya Javits '10 recites her poem about gay rights
    Margarita Galavez '10 recites her poem "Where I'm From"

    Nghiem Bui '07 recites his poem "Why I Do It" about his Asian-American experience at Branson