• Q. I’m interested in applying to Branson. What do I need to do to begin the process?
    A. Your first step in Branson's admissions process is to fill out a Student Profile on the Ravenna Hub and "Explore" the Branson School.
    Q. Is it too late to apply for entry for school year 2017-2018?
    A. Please contact our office. Branson is fully enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year, however we would love to learn more about you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Q. Does Branson accept transfer students?
    A. Yes. While the majority of students will matriculate as 9th graders, we do accept applications for transfer students into the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades and the application process is the same for each applicant grade. However, acceptance rates for transfer applicants remain quite low due to high retention.
    Q. How do I schedule a visit?
    A. The first step is to log in to Ravenna, click "View steps and events" for The Branson School, and select the event(s) you would like to register for. Open Houses and Morning Coffees are optional, but a great way to explore the campus and get the feel of Branson. A Campus Visit is required as part of the application should you choose to apply. The visit season runs from late September through mid-Decemeber. A visit is required for all applicants and includes an interview with a faculty/staff member.
    Q. When are this year’s Open Houses?
    Prospective families are strongly encouraged to attend one of the two Open House events. These events offer families an opportunity to tour the campus and hear from current students, teachers, and administrators.

    Saturday, October 14th, 2017, 1:00 - 3:30p.m.
    Sunday, November 5th, 2017, 1:00 - 3:30p.m.

    Please RSVP to our Open House by logging into the Ravenna Hub and clicking "View steps and events."
    Q. What is the application process?
    A. To begin the application process, families must first create a Student Profile on Ravenna Hub and set up a visit to campus. See above for directions to set up a visit.

    Other pieces due January 11, 2018 (all forms can be downloaded at the Ravenna Hub):
    • Part I: Parent/Guardian Common Application
    • Part II: Candidate Application
    • Current Principal or Counselor Recommendation Form
    • Current English Teacher Recommendation Form
    • Current Math Teacher Recommendation Form
    • Transcript Release and Confidentiality Form
    • Transcripts from 7th and 8th grade for applicants to the 9th grade
    • Standardized Testing (see below for details)
    • A $95 nonrefundable application fee 
    Q. What kinds of standardized testing does Branson accept?
    A. Branson maintains a holistic approach to the admissions process and testing is merely one component of this complex process. We do not have any minimum score requirements and we accept the following tests:

    If an applicant chooses to take either the SSAT or the ISEE, we suggest doing so no later than a January test date so we can receive the scores as close to January 11th deadline as possible. For more information on SSAT, please visit www.ssat.org. Branson’s code for SSAT test registration is 4288. ISEE test dates and information can be found at www.iseetest.org and our school code is 092695.
    Q. What is Branson looking for in a student?
    A. We are looking for students who have demonstrated strong commitment for, and dedication to, and engagement in their academic and extra-curricular activities. We want students with a passion for learning and exploration. There is no fixed criteria for academic qualification, although many of our students have performed well in their middle school years.
    Q. Do you have quotas on geographic, ethnic or public/private school admissions?
    A. Branson does not have any quotas for any specific kind or group of students. We look for a wide range of students from different backgrounds and our outreach extends throughout the entire Bay Area to San Francisco, Marin, East Bay, and as far north as Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. Competitive applicants from public, private, and charter schools as well as those home-schooled are strongly encouraged to apply to our community.
    Q. What is the tuition for 2017-2018?
    A. Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $44,399. Additional expenses of roughly $2000 cover the cost of the lunch program, textbooks, dues, cultural and social activities, and other miscellaneous expenses.
    Q. Is Financial Aid available?
    A. Access to a Branson education is of the utmost importance to us, and we believe that all qualified students should be able to receive the benefit of a Branson education, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. Branson commits a significant percentage of its yearly operating budget to support its financial aid program, with plans to do even more. Financial hardships should not prevent any family from applying for admission to the school. To request more information about financial aid, please email financial_aid@branson.org. Application for Financial Aid is due January 11, 2018.
    Q. What is the policy on siblings in the admissions process?
    A. There is no specific policy for siblings. We like to keep families together, but never at the expense of a child’s development and overall success. Every applicant is assessed thoughtfully and in balance with the overall pool.
    Q. What is the commitment by the school in areas of ethnic or cultural diversity?
    A. A deep array of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives is key to the success of any learning environment. At Branson, continuing to cultivate and nurture a diverse environment is an institutional priority. With 40% of our incoming freshman class identifying themselves as people of color, we are pleased that our student community strives to reflect the textured world around us. A strong commitment that begins with our Board of Trustees supports efforts in increased diversity, from securing and safeguarding funds for financial aid to considering curricula and programs that promote rich dialogue. There is a great ethnic diversity amongst our faculty that provides professional role models to all of our students.
    Q. How would you define diversity at Branson?
    A. Every aspect of who we are defines the diversity of our campus. As individuals, we each have our own style of expression. We value and encourage that style in the way that we dress, the skin that we live in, the voices that we use to express ourselves and in our ability to listen to the experiences of others. Diversity is a key component of our Mission Statement.

    In our community, the diversity of religion, family make-up, gender, sexual orientation and social economic status is a part of the sound that we all create in order to question, to understand and to appreciate one another.

    There is diversity in thought and there is diversity in who teaches you. It is in this search that we strive to share our lives, to understand the lives of others, to create our own stories and to appreciate the world we live in together.

    There are a number of student organizations dedicated to promoting diversity on campus, including the African American Affinity group, The Women of Color group, Latino Student Alliance, Men's Leadership Group, Women's Retreat, Asian Student Alliance, EGALATE (the school's Gay-Straight Alliance) and STRIVE (Students Tackling Racial Issues Via Education). In addition, the Diversity Committee, comprising faculty, administrators and trustees, addresses issues of diversity on a community level.