• The Honor Code is at the heart of the Branson experience, and every member of the community is committed to upholding its precepts.

The Branson Honor Code

  • In choosing The Branson School as a place to learn and a place to work, each member of the community -- student, faculty, staff and parent -- agrees to sustain an environment of honesty and integrity. We will, individually and collectively, do our part to create and maintain trust, respect, and care throughout school life by accepting responsibility for our own actions and those of others. We make this commitment to ensure that each of us may grow both in knowledge and in wisdom and that we may leave this school having enriched it by our presence.

Precepts of the Honor Code

  • Members of the Branson community will base their actions on honesty, integrity, and concern for the welfare of others; in doing so they will not lie, cheat, steal others' ideas (i.e., directly or indirectly presenting others' ideas as one's own), and will not condone such action on the part of others.
    Members of the Branson community will respect both the person and the property of others.
    Members of the Branson community will behave respectfully toward one another and toward guests of the School.
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