• The Rand Learning Center was opened in May of 1994 with the help of an endowment from the Eber Family in memory of the late Allen Rand, a family member who had struggled in school for years with a learning disability. The Rand Center's main mission is twofold: to support Branson students who have learning differences, and to serve as a resource for the entire Branson community in the area of learning itself.

    For students with learning challenges, the Center serves as a site for one-to-one tutoring, study groups and extended-time tests. The Center Coordinator stays in contact with these students' parents, teachers and tutors in order to coordinate support services for each student.

    There are also ongoing conferences with other Branson faculty members to share information and maintain a constant level of support for students who either have a learning disability, or need to strengthen basic skills in tackling the rigors of the Branson curriculum. If there are some elements of a student's learning style that a teacher should be aware of, it is communicated to the teacher in order to provide the most effective means of working with that student.

    The Rand Learning Center program is based on the notion that all students can be academically successful if provided with an environment that supports their individual learning styles and accommodates their individual learning needs.

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