Junior Summer Fellowships

  • Juniors have a unique opportunity to apply for one of five fellowships, each providing opportunities for students to pursue scholarly work during the summer before the senior year. The proposals are due to the junior dean during the first week of the spring term. Recipients are chosen by a committee and announced before the end of the school year.

The Scott Hamilton Chase Fellowship

  • The Chase Fellowship pays tribute to Scott Chase's life, his sense of adventure and inquisitive attitude. The Chase Fellowship seeks to foster intellectual and cultural growth and awareness in a student during the summer between the junior and senior years. The Fellowship Committee considers only those proposals which will contribute to the student's intellectual growth either in the Bay Area or elsewhere in this country or abroad. The Fellowship has been made possible by the generosity of the Chase family and rendered in silver by Scott's classmates in the Class of 1985.
    Recent Recipients:
    Gigi Alper '16 - Gigi brought together her passions for equity, education and volleyball by visiting the Daraja Academy, a small independent school for girls in Kenya.
    Avani Bahl '16 - Avani furthered her deep interest in juvenile justice by attending a national conference, where she presented her 30-minute documentary “Losing a Generation: The Truth about Juvenile Justice.”
    Natalie Kiss '15 - Natalie attended the World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia, and an a cappella convention in London, to create a service program in which the Branson Chamber Singers and Beyond Reason performed at homes for the elderly in Marin.
    Robert Steiner '15 - Robert the Summer Institute of Music Production and Technology at NYU and worked with the other participants to compose and record an album. Upon returning to the Bay Area, he recorded his original songs and performed these new songs for Branson.
    Kuni Migimatsu '14 - Kuni interned with the Saito-Kobo company in Japan. Working with engineers, he learned how electronic wheelchairs are developed and was involved with donating used wheelchairs to developing countries.
    Isabella Salmi '13 - Isabella created a San Rafael chapter of the Make a Splash organization, which teaches swimming to under-served children.
    Brian Perry-Carrera '13 - Brian traveled to Nepal to work in a rural hospital, and with money he raised dancing, he facilitated the purchase of a clean water drinking fountain for the hospital lobby.
    Kyra Deeth-Stehln '12 - Kyra traveled to rural Nicaragua to start a sports and tutoring program, and helped build a new school and community center.
    Natalie Urban '11 - Natalie interned at an HIV/AIDS organization in Oakland, then traveled to a village in Ethiopa where she designed a project researching the impact of AIDS in that community.
    Amanda Golden '11 - Amanda spent five weeks at the National High School Institute Journalism Division at Northwestern University, studying all areas of journalism, from multi-media to broadcast to audio and print.
    Josh Kunstler '10 - Josh spent his summer in Tibet, teaching English to high school students to help them prepare for a rigorous college entrance exam.

The Reid Mangels Fellowship

  • The Reid Mangels Fellowship honors and celebrates Reid Mangels' life, one of dedication to his family, to his friends, to his school, and to the scientific disciplines. The Mangels Fellowship seeks to honor Reid's dedication to the study of science and therefore, will support, during the summer between the junior and senior year, one student's science project.
    Recent Recipients
    Kentaro Hirose '16 - Kentaro attended the Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine, followed by a six-week clinical research project at UCSF. He also worked at the Connie Frank Transplant Center at UCSF to examine and review kidney transplants and their subsequent effects on the lives of patients.
    Zoe Moynihan '15 - Zoe traveled to Kenya to gain a perspective on the inequitable allocation of medical resources around the world. She worked with local doctors in a health clinic and attended medical workshops to learn about local issues such as HIV and tropical diseases. 
    Sarah Wilkins '14 - Sarah studied at Brown University in a pre-med program that familiarized her with a clinical medical setting and gave her the opportunity to interact with patients.
    Danny Lee '13 - Danny spent 8 weeks as a full-time intern at a UCSF multiple sclerosis lab, learning lab techniques and exploring science as a career.
    Alexa Boesel '12 - Alexa studied at a local marine biology center before traveling to Costa Rica to study forest ecology.
    Kylie Flanagan '11 - Kylie pursued her passion for sustainability in programs through Harvard and Brown Universities, and working at local, organic farms, building solar showers and ovens, and experiencing sustainable fishing.
    Charlotte Butti '10 - Charlotte studied veterinary medicine and animal care in southern India, treating small and large animals.

The Werner F. Chilton Fellowship

  • The Werner F. Chilton Fellowship memorializes Mr. Chilton's passion for precision in the use of the English language. The fellowship is given annually to the student who shares Mr. Chilton's unusual talent and appreciation for the spoken and written word.
    Recent Recipients
    Bice Kelly-Andrews '16 - Bice piloted a weeklong summer reading program for children between the ages of 4 and 7 at a local library, drawing on other high school volunteers to engage in structured reading, activities, and reflection with these young children.
    Madeleine Lamm '15 - Madeleine attended the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. Upon her return, she interned with a publishing company and began work on two children's books.

    Jordan Winters '15 - Jordan attended the Newsroom By the Bay at Stanford to learn various styles of journalistic writing and to use what she has learned to help the staff of The Blazer understand varieties of journalistic writing and to write longer pieces that can have an impact on our community.
    Lauren Perry-Carrera '14 - Lauren studied non-fiction writing at Brown University.
    Emily Libresco '13 - Emily explored the world of Shakespeare, first at the California Shakespeare Theater, and then at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, through classes and performances.
    Sarah Christensen '12 - Sarah spent two weeks at Brown University in two courses in language and linguistics and in writing speculative fiction.
    Ashley Thompson '11 - Ashley attended the Kenyon Review Young Writers workshop.
    Scottie White '10 - Scottie pursued his passion for film-making by writing, directing and filming a 40-minute feature, as well as attending a film studies course at UC Berkeley.

The Barney Glaser Jr. Fellowship

  • The Barney Glaser Jr. Fellowship honors Barney Glaser’s passion for mathematics. This fellowship is given annually to the student who shares this talent and enthusiasm and who wants to further his or her study of mathematics beyond the high school curriculum in the summer between the junior and senior year.
    Recent Recipients
    Aidan Linscott '16 - Aidan combined two of his passions, engineering and music, to build his own electric guitar, which he played for the school at assembly the following year.
    Max Sigerman '15 - Max used his interest in mechanical engineering to explore design features that make an energy efficient vehicle and used what he learned to create a safe, fast and efficient go-kart.
    Drew Mathieson '14 - Drew participated in a Stanford University program focusing on non-applicable mathematics, or math experiences that go beyond real world situations.
    Kate LaHorgue '13 - Kate spent her summer at Stanford University, studying cryptography in addition to courses in number theory, discrete math, and computer science.
    Puneeth Gadangi '12 - Puneeth attended the Stanford University Mathematics Camp, where he studied abstract algebra and number theory.
    Austin Ray '11 - Austin took an 8-week course at UC Berkeley in computer programming, working on projects in artificial intelligence, gaming, and wireless networks.
    Tess Bredesen '10 - Tess attended an economics course on environmental policies at Stanford, and then created a website to shed light on the impact of the food we eat.

The In Pursuit of Science Scholarship

  • “The joy of looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.” – Albert Einstein

    The In Pursuit of Science Scholarship will be awarded to a Branson student in need of financial assistance who shows enthusiasm and interest in exploring and actively immersing him or herself in a scientific endeavor this summer. The recipient will be awarded up to $2500, depending upon the parameters and cost of their project. Preference will be given to rising-Senior applicants.

    To apply, students should submit a detailed proposal (not to exceed 500 words) that speaks to their passion for the proposed adventure along with a detailed budget. Please note that there is no application form, rather we are looking for a clearly written and thoughtfully articulated proposal that includes what, why and where you want to investigate science this summer. E-version and hard copy, typed applications are due to Kathy Soave by Monday, February 29, 2016. Please see any Science Teacher for further information.

    [Please note that this is the same application deadline as the Junior Fellowships.]
    Recent Recipients
    Angel Zhou '16 – Angel attended the Girls Who Code program at Adobe, followed by travel to Taichang, China where she interned at Hareonsolar (a solar company).
    Manisha Patel '15 - Manisha embarked on a personally and intellectually challenging scientific journey to Stanford University to participate in the Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute on the Theory of Relativity.
    Cory Broad '14 - Cory created a self-sustaining tilapia pond on campus. His innovative project is designed to provide the Branson Kitchen with locally sourced fish.
    Gian-Paul Bergeron '13 - Gian-Paul attended a three-week intensive course at the Management and Technology Summer Institute that combined his love for engineering and technology with the world of entrepreneurship.
    Toki Migimatsu '12 - Toki spent two months in Japan programming robots and creating a computer program that "composed" music.
    Aleena Patel '11 - Aleena immersed herself in Astrophysics through the SummerScienceProgram (SSP), Westmont College, Santa Barbara, charting her own star.
    Morgan Abbott '10 - Morgan traveled to Georgetown University to participate in the LeadAmerica medical conference where she explored the complex and ever changing world of healthcare, discussing anatomy and physiology and ethics in the medical world and participating as a member of a simulation healthcare team, acting as a general physician, specialist and hospital administrator.
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