Class Year 2017-2018

  • The Branson School Mission Statement

    The Branson School inspires excellence in a nurturing, vibrant educational community based on personal and intellectual integrity.  At the heart of Branson is the trusting, dynamic relationship between dedicated teachers and students.  Through the vitality, breadth, and rigor of its programs, Branson encourages students to think critically, communicate clearly, develop their individual talents and interests, and pursue a lifelong passion for learning.   Branson believes that diversity of people and thought enriches us all and promotes responsible leadership in the global community.

    This handbook is intended to serve as a guide to help students and their families come to know The Branson School's programs and opportunities as well as to set forth basic expectations and agreements. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with its contents. We are hopeful that the handbook will answer many questions you may have about academics, security, discipline, school rules, safety, athletics and other topics.
    Please understand that no set of rules or guidelines can cover every conceivable situation that might arise at a school. The rules, policies and procedures set forth in this handbook are intended to apply under normal circumstances. However, from time to time, there may be situations that require immediate or nonstandard responses. This handbook does not limit the authority of The Branson School to deviate from the normal rules and procedures set forth in this handbook, and to deal with individual circumstances as they arise in the manner deemed most appropriate by the School, taking into consideration the best interests of the School, its faculty, employees, students or overall school community. The policies may also be revised or updated periodically, even during the school year. You will be notified of any changes as they are made. Any student or parent with a question about any handbook policy or statement should feel free to speak with the assistant head of school for academic affairs or head of school.

    Each member of the Branson community is expected to accept the community’s ethical standards by, among other actions, signing a written pledge to abide by The Honor Code:


    In choosing The Branson School as a place to learn and a place to work, each member of the community -- student, faculty, staff and parent -- agrees to sustain an environment of honesty and integrity.  We will, individually and collectively, do our part to create and maintain trust, respect, and care throughout school life by accepting responsibility for our own actions and those of others.  We make this commitment to ensure that each of us may grow both in knowledge and in wisdom and that we may leave this school having enriched it by our presence.




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Family/Student Handbook Contract