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Student Support

student and a teacher walking and talking

Be brave. We’ve got your back.

Branson is here to help you develop the confidence, willpower and moral compass to be brave. We provide the support that encourages taking risks, conquering fears, finding your authentic voice, and doing the right thing as you grow to be brave.

Meet Our Student Support Team

Kelsey Acevedo-Soto

Director of Counseling
Henri de Marcellus

Henri de Marcellus

Latin & Humanities Teacher / Class Dean

Arthur Lee

Director of Human Development and Wellness
Whitney Livermore

Whitney Livermore

Dean of Student Life
Gisella Petrone

Gisella Petrone

Italian Teacher; Class Dean; Human Development Teacher

Marlin Quintanilla

Counseling and Wellness Coordinator
Ellie Skewes-Cox

Ellie Skewes-Cox

Associate Director of Admissions, Class Dean
Maura Vaughn

Maura Vaughn

Director of Theater; Class Dean

Protecting the safety, health, and well-being of our students is, and always will be, our primary concern each and every day. In the last few years, Branson's release of the Covington Report and response to alumni allegations of sexual misconduct on campus in past decades has thrown an even brighter spotlight on the need to protect our students. We have responded by strengthening our policies, protocols, and support systems in an attempt to assure that such misconduct will not happen at Branson in the future.

Learn more about the ways we are promoting student safety and working to protect students from any future sexual misconduct on campus.


Meditation bench

Branson's beautiful campus, nestled in nature, provides space and quiet for reflection to help you hit "pause" and take a break from the daily grind. Relax on the lawn, or meditate on the bench under our big oak trees. Keep your eye out for deer, hawks, and even foxes.

Meet Reggae - Branson's Therapy Dog!