Sports Medicine

On-site athletic training and sports medicine are provided by our full-time, on-site physical therapist, whose works with Branson athletes on:

  • Prevention of athletic injuries
  • Recognition, evaluation, and treatment of student-athlete injuries and illnesses.
  • Rehabilitation and reconditioning of all injuries incurred by student-athletes
  • Health and wellness education

From Amanda Boivin, Certified Athletic Trainer:

My goal is to provide the student-athletes at Branson with the best health care possible.

In providing athletic training services, I strive to offer a health care system that is proactive in approach, reducing the risk of athletic injury for our student-athletes; provide easily accessible sports medicine services that are responsive to the needs of the student-athlete; and facilitate injured student-athletes' safe return to participation in athletic competition as soon and as safely as possible. Our philosophy is that the needs of the student athlete will always be the first consideration of all members within the Athletic Department.

Amanda Bovin is in her seventh year as Certified Athletic Trainer for Branson. Amanda graduated from Sacramento State University with a degree in Sports Medicine (1992) as well as her Master’s in Exercise Physiology (1996). Before joining Branson, Amanda worked in the physical therapy industry for 13 years. Amanda volunteered for local club rugby teams and was a NATA examiner from 1996-2006. She is an active member in the NATA as well as the local FWATA organizations.

Amanda Boivin

Amanda Boivin

Athletic Trainer/Assistant to the Athletic Director