Physical Education

Physical activity, exercise, and wellness are essential to the Branson experience. We want each student to develop an appreciation for an active lifestyle, good character, and a positive self-image. Through physical education, participation on an interscholastic sport or club team, or an alternate activity, our students develop:

  • Lifelong habits that contribute to health and well-being
  • Team building and sportsmanship
  • Leadership skills
  • The ability to cooperate

We challenge students to raise their fitness levels and develop an understanding of the relationship between fitness and lifelong physical and mental wellness.

PE Options

Interscholastic and Club Sports

To earn credit, students are required to attend all games and practices as outlined by the Head Coach and Athletic Department. Practice times are not more than two hours on weekdays and two hours on Saturdays, and there is no practice on Sundays. Start dates for each season vary throughout the year. Fall athletes are expected to attend practices in August. Winter athletes will begin in November, and Spring athletes will begin in February. In many cases, full participation for student athletes includes a commitment to the sport beyond the trimester of the regular season.

Alternative Activity Program (AAP)

The Alternative Activity Program (AAP) is an independent study program, designed to provide students opportunity to pursue organized classes outside of the school. For example ballet, equestrian, martial arts, competitive dance, etc. Students must select their AAP during the normal class registration period. AAPs must be approved and are monitored by the Athletic Department. Each course must be 36 hours total, as logged by the instructor.

Strength & Conditioning

We offer physical training with Bruce Pruitt, our Performance Coach as an option to fulfill the PE requirement. Students can choose:
  • Athletic Performance Training Track - Develop strength, explosiveness, speed, and quickness needed in athletic competition
  • Physical Fitness Program – Engage in individually designed full body workouts to promote healthy and fit lifestyles

This course is 36 hours.


Students may take a Branson Dance class to fulfill the PE requirement, but they will not simultaneously earn an Arts credit for the same course.


One SEMESTER of PE each term
  • Interscholastic sport or club sports
  • Alternative Activity Program (AAP)
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Dance