Become a skilled performer.

Dive into a conservatory-style, four-year theater program designed to help you develop into a skilled performer with a standard of excellence, artistic integrity, and something unique to say. Gain confidence and develop communication skills while building deep friendships and having a great deal of fun. The Acting program will give you a battery of skills and techniques that allow you to discover your own approach to the craft of acting and to become a leader in your chosen profession.

Theater gives you the opportunity to navigate through diverse societies, articulate your experiences, and master how collaboration works.

Performance Opportunities

Actors have the opportunity to perform in the Fall Musical and Spring Play, the TheatreSports Competition, Winter Festival, and Festival of Arts at Branson.

Theater Classes

Beginning Acting: Improvisation
Intermediate Acting: Text Analysis
Advanced Acting: Building a character
Acting Performance Honors


Beginning Acting each year stars in a performance of Theatresports. Developed by Keith Johnstone, Theatresports is a form of improvisational theater. Relying on razor-sharp wit and lightning-fast reflexes, teams of acting students are pitted against each other in competitive improv matches. Using audience suggestions to fuel scenes, teams must create totally improvised situations on the spot. A panel of three judges scores each improvisation for technical, creative, and overall points. The team with the most points at the end of the evening wins the competition. Everyone wins in drawing laughs and applause.

Maura Vaughn

Maura Vaughn

Director of Theatre