The Art of Learning at Home

Throughout Branson, each academic department is adjusting to distance learning in innovative ways. For the arts department, it gets even more complicated, given the different media that art forms require! Luckily, “creative” is our art department’s middle name and they’ve got some awesome tricks up their sleeves (or in the pockets of their smocks). 

Arts Department Chair Eric Oldmixon sketched a "Zoom self-portrait" to model one way for students to maintain a distance learning artistic practice. He also had students in his Survey and Sculpture classes have some fun with the surrealist drawing game commonly known as "Exquisite Corpse." The sculpture class went a step further by bringing their drawings to life with 3-D objects from around the house.

Art teacher Allyson Seal and her Survey of Visual Arts class designed cards with activities on them, and each student placed their cards in a bowl. When students want to take a creative break from other online learning activities, they can pause, draw a card out of the bowl, and follow the instructions.

The Arts Department has also made deliveries so students can keep creating for the duration of distance learning.

You can see photos from both of their recent classes below!

We’ll have more coming soon on how dance, acting, and music classes are still moving, creating, and expressing in new ways. 

We want to track all of the Branson community’s artistic endeavors! Do you have a project you'd like to share? Post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag #bransoncreates and #bransonschool.