Jeff Symonds Releases First Solo Single


First single “Kissimmee” available everywhere April 10, 2020
Second single “A New Place” coming in May

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by
a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs. – James Joyce,Finnegan’s Wake

Branson faculty member Jeff Symonds, also a Bay Area multi-instrumentalist who has shared the stage with hundreds of others and appeared on dozens of other artists’ recordings, steps into the spotlight for the first time with riverrun, an album that celebrates and looks back at a life lived in love with music; it’s a three-part exploration of youth, adolescence, adulthood and the glorious noise of rock ‘n’ roll. Written and performed almost entirely by Jeff, it represents his attempt to make sense of a life lived from stage left.

“It finally felt like the right time to gather up all the tunes and ideas that I’ve stuffed in a drawer and see if something worthwhile emerged,” said Symonds. “And after writing a half dozen new songs, a narrative started to reveal itself. It’s a loose story of my life and the lives of the people around me, good and bad, from childhood to last month. I know it’s a little much to wait over thirty years to make a record and then make a concept record when you finally do, but if I’m only going to take a few at-bats, I might as well swing hard.”

Riverrun features swampy Pettyish rock, throwback New Wave pop, Who-ish guitar anthems and wall-of-sound punk rock. The album was brilliantly recorded and mixed by Gawain Matthews. Jeff plays every instrument on riverrun with the exception of some incredible stunt guitar by friend and bandmate James DePrato.

“Kissimmee” is the album’s first single, available April 10th and co-written with longtime friend and colleague Rich Price, who also sings on the track. A lost song from Price’s All These Roads sessions, it closes part one of riverrun with a sense of optimism. “I was so glad to pull this one back from obscurity,” says Symonds.

In addition to Price’s vocals on “Kissimmee,” Symonds also receives help on vocals on the album’s second single “A New Place” from Megan Slankard, for whom Jeff has played bass since 2004. “Having Megan sing background vocals behind me is borderline criminal, but the track didn’t come to life until she did.”

After decades as a collaborator, Symonds is excited to have a record out with his own name on the cover. “It feels great to put something out there, and to have all of its faults be all mine,” said Symonds. Take a dive into riverrun and get lost in the flow.

Jeff has played bass, keys and guitars for over 30 bands for over 30 years, including Wafflebarrel, Rich Price, The Welcome Matt, Joel Streeter, and sixteen years and counting with Megan Slankard and the Wreckage. He has played over 500 shows in 37 US states and Europe. riverrun is his first solo release.

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