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Designing Awareness Through Art

Three freshmen recently received awards at this year's Youth Poster Contest for their social justice designs.

  • Tika Win - First Place for the age 15-18 section 
  • Manelle Dillard - Finalist for the age 12-14 section
  • Amanda Morris - Finalist for the age 15-18 section

Students from public and private middle and high school in Marin design the posters to raise awareness about social justice, women’s rights, firearms regulation, immigration, climate change, gender and sexual equality and other issues important to the county's youth.

It was stiff competition this year and these three works were lauded both for the craft and their message.

Poster credits:

  • Manelle Dillard (global warming)
  • Tika Win (love is love)
  • Amanda Morris (human trafficking)
Manelle Dillard - Finalist