Branson Spring Play Goes Online in April

How does one get rid of a mistress when one plans to marry a rich heiress the same day?

This is the problem faced by Bois d'Enghien (Noah Loiacono), whose lover, Lucette Gautier (Margot Mead), is a music hall singer and the artist requested by Baroness Duverger (Isabella Griepp) to perform during the signing of her daughter's marriage contract with ... Bois d'Enghien. The lover manages to hold Lucette at bay and sidestep the cascade of events and misunderstandings that could expose his plan. 

To complete the picture we have a colorful gallery of characters: Bouzin (Austin Grant), a seedy solicitor's clerk and failed composer, the impetuous General Irrigua (Brendon Milan-Howells), who is in love with Lucette and desperate to make her his, and Viviane (Louisa Conte), the future bride who finds her fiancé too well-behaved and dreams of an experienced seducer, not forgetting a few servants, essential cogs in the vaudeville machinery.

The magnificent cast of "Not by Bed Alone," Branson's Spring Play, has decided to translate the show to an online platform which will air at the end of April. We'll post additional details here as they become available.

Kudos to the entire cast for their creativity and resilience in re-envisioning this show as it's never been performed before!

Bella Balmaseda
Louisa Conte
Madison Esrey
Olive Fahlen
Austin Grant
Isabella Griepp
Ines Haslett
Zach Kariotis
Naomi Kessinger
Foster Lehman
Sarah Lind
Noah Loiacono
Margot Mead
Brendon Milan-Howells
Kelly Napolitana
Alex Orum                              
Lucille Reike      
Will Tolmie
Andrew Van Voorhees

Assistant Director: Natalie Wendt
Stage Manager: Prudence Kelly-Andrews 

Director: Maura Vaughn