Athletic Hall of Fame

The Branson Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles and who helped to bring honor, recognition, distinction, and excellence to Branson by their conduct both on and off the field, or court, of competition. This recognition maintains the spirit, pride, and sense of community as well as serving as a historical account of the great athletic traditions of Branson.

2018 Inductees

Alex Varner '03 -- Cross Country
Louani Bascara '98 -- Tennis, Cross Country, Badminton
Lauren Dunnigan ’97 -- Basketball and Softball
Steve Reinertsen ’82 -- Coach of Cross Country & Baseball

2017 Inductees

Elizabeth Eisenberg  '02 -- Soccer
Calen Carr '01 -- Soccer
Jennifer Siebel Newsom '92 -- Basketball, Soccer and Tennis
Evan Lillevand '91 -- Basketball
Caroline Leary Dowd '88 -- Basketball
Scott Flemming '83

2016 Inductees

Peter McNally ’04 -- Soccer, Basketball and Baseball
Katie Benson ’02 -- Basketball and Soccer
Whitney Sutak '99 -- Basketball, Softball and Tennis
Charles Hoeveler '94 -- Basketball
Chris Greene '88 -- Basketball
Kristen Knick Breck '83 -- Basketball, Soccer and Tennis