Alumni Authors


Charlotte Leane '19

Weird Math: Clockwork Robots, Asteroid Hunters, & Other Tales from the History of Mathematics


Javier Zamora '08

Nueve Años


Catherine Lowell '07

The Madwoman Upstairs


Dario Hosseinyoun '05

Roots of Gratitude: A Young Man’s Global Search
for Happiness


Mishana Hosseinioun '02

The Human Rights Turn and the Paradox of Progress
in the Middle East


Tessa Fontaine '01

The Electric Woman: A Memoir in Death-Defying Acts
Starbaby Blooms a Tuber Rose


Ariana Nadia Nash '01

Instructions for Preparing Your Skin


Tongo Eisen-Martin '98

Heaven Is All Goodbyes
David Hammons Is on Our Mind
someone’s dead already


Erika Johansen '95

The Queen of the Tearling
The Invasion of the Tearling
The Fate of the Tearling


Wendy MacNaughton '93

Meanwhile in San Francisco: The City in Its Own Words
Salt Fat Acid Heat (illustrator; Samin Nosrat, author)
The Gutsy Girl (illustrator; Caroline Paul, author)
Pen & Ink, Tattoos and The Stories Behind Them (illustrator; Isaac Fitzgerald, editor)
Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology (illustrator; Caroline Paul, author)
The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert (illustrator; Richard Betts, author)


Jennifer Siebel '92

Miss Representation
The Mask You Live In
The Great American Lie