We're glad you are considering Branson as a potential home.

We are so pleased that you've chosen to learn more about Branson! Choosing a high school is an exciting and challenging journey. Fortunately, you have months in front of you to explore and discover which school is the best fit. Branson offers a warm, cohesive community centered on intellectual engagement and care for each individual. Teachers at Branson are dedicated to their academic craft, as well as to their roles as advisors, coaches, and mentors. Branson is steeped in its Honor Code, which holds everyone to a standard of honesty, integrity, and communal respect. Ours is a community in which many different people can learn from one another, thrive, and grow.

The first step in exploring our school is to create a Student Profile on Ravenna Hub. Once you have an account, please find The Branson School in the School Directory and press “Apply.” On Branson’s splash page, you can register for our admissions events (Campus Visits, Open Houses, and Morning & Evening Coffees) and, if you choose to move forward, complete the steps for the application process.

We look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please contact our office at admission@branson.org or call our General Admissions number at (415) 455-7114.

The Branson Admissions Team