Admissions FAQ

We can answer some of your questions here ...

About the admissions process ...

How do I apply?

Your first step in Branson's admissions process is to fill out a Student Profile on the Ravenna Hub and "Explore" the Branson School.

Is it too late to apply for the 2017-18 School Year?

Branson is fully enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year, however we would love to learn more about you and your family. Contact our office; we look forward to hearing from you.

What is involved in the application process?

To begin the application process, families must first create a Student Profile on Ravenna Hub and set up a visit to campus. Once you log in to Ravenna, click "View steps and events" for The Branson School, and select the event(s) for which you want to register. Other steps in the process are listed at right under "Checklist."

How do I schedule a visit?

To schedule a visit, log in to Ravenna, click "View steps and events" for The Branson School, and select the event(s) for which you want to register. A campus visit is required as part of the application process and includes an interview with a faculty/staff member. Our visit season runs from late September through mid-December.

Open Houses and Morning Coffees are optional but are a great way to explore the campus and get the feel of Branson.

Should I attend an Open House? When are they?

Interested families are strongly encouraged to attend one of the two Open House events. During Open Houses, you have an opportunity to tour the campus and hear from current students, teachers, and administrators. This year's Open Houses are:

Saturday, October 14, 2017, 1:00 - 3:30 pm
Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Please reserve a space at an Open House by logging into the Ravenna Hub and clicking "View steps and events."

What types of standardized testing does Branson accept?

Branson maintains a holistic approach to the admissions process, and testing is merely one component of this complex process. We accept the following tests but do not have any minimum score requirements:

  • Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)
  • Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)

If you choose to take either the SSAT or the ISEE, we suggest doing so by January test date so we can receive your scores as close to our January 11 deadline as possible. For more information on SSAT, please visit their website. Branson’s code for SSAT test registration is 4288. ISEE test dates and information can be found at, and our school code is 092695.

About financing a Branson education ...

What is the 2017-18 tuition?

Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $44,399. Additional expenses of roughly $2000 cover the cost of the lunch program, textbooks, dues, cultural and social activities, and other miscellaneous expenses. Financial aid is available by application for tuition and the associated costs of attending Branson. Please see question and answer below.

Is Financial Aid Available?

We believe that all qualified students should be able to have the benefit of a Branson education, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Our school commits over $2 million to each year to supporting students with financial aid. If you want to apply to Branson, but are not sure you can afford the costs, we urge you to apply to Branson and apply for financial aid. To request more information about financial aid, please email Financial aid applications are due January 11, 2018.

About how we select students for admission ...

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes. While the majority of students will enter Branson as 9th graders, we do accept applications from students who want to transfer into the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades. The application process is the same for each applicant grade. Acceptance rates for transfer applicants remain low, because we have very few students who leave Branson once enrolled.

What is Branson looking for in an applicant?

We are looking for students who have demonstrated strong commitment for, dedication to, and engagement in their academic and extracurricular activities. We want students with a passion for learning and exploration. We have no fixed criteria for academic qualification, although many of our students have performed well in their middle school years.

Do you have geographic, ethnic, or private/public school quotas?

Branson does not have any quotas for any specific type of student or group of students. We look for a wide range of students from different backgrounds, and our outreach extends throughout the entire Bay Area. We attract students from San Francisco, the East Bay, and both Marin and Sonoma Counties. Applicants from public, private, and charter schools as well as those homeschooled are strongly encouraged to apply

Do you have a policy about sibling admissions?

We have no specific policy for siblings. Every applicant is assessed thoughtfully and considered within the balance of the overall pool each year.

What is Branson's commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Continuing to cultivate and nurture a diverse and inclusive educational community is a priority for Branson. s an institutional priority. We have demonstrated commitment to ensuring socioeconomic diversity in setting aside $2 million each year for financial aid. And we have demonstrated success attracting faculty and students of color (40% of the 2017-18 freshman class identify as such) and in supporting LGBTQ+ students and other racial, ethnic, and religious affinity groups. Please see more on our Diversity and Inclusion pages.

Key Admissions Dates 2017-18

January 11, 2018
Final deadline for online application, transcripts, and recommendations!

March 15, 2018
Mailing Date for all admission and financial aid decisions

March 16, 2018
Electronic notification for all admission decisions (after 4 pm)

March 21, 2018
Signed enrollment contract for financial aid recipients due by noon.

March 23, 2108
Signed enrollment contract for all other students due by noon.