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Immersives are Branson's newest addition to the academic year. Launched in the spring of 2022, this is a two-week end-of-year program for students in every grade to explore a specific field of study in cross-disciplinary courses co-taught by faculty and staff members. Students choose from two dozen course offerings on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics (on everything from Chocolate and Knitting to Tournament Croquet and American Sign Language).

Immersives serve as an exploration for students, an incubator of ideas for teachers, an opportunity to bring new people and grades together, and a culminating community-wide academic celebration at the end of each year. 

Inaugural Immersives 2022: A Sampler

Immersive Courses 2023

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Immersive Course Catalog, featuring over 30 courses team-taught by Branson faculty, staff, and students.

See the Inaugural Immersive Course Catalog 2022.

Branson Curriculum Guide

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Read the Curriculum Guide to see all the courses we offer in the 2022-23 academic year.