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Human Development

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Understand yourself and your role in the world.

Branson’s Human Development program teaches students the interpersonal and self-management skills needed to navigate a diverse and changing world, and to make informed decisions that benefit themselves and others, so they can evolve into kind, curious, and self-aware young adults. By providing accurate and relevant information in a nonjudgmental, socially sensitive way, we create safe spaces to have uncomfortable conversations about real-life situations where students cultivate their personal agency, gain a deeper awareness of their role in the community, and learn to foster healthy relationships of all kinds.

Throughout your four years of Human Development courses, you will explore many areas, such as psychology 101, healthy peer relationships, organization and study habits, mental health awareness, sexual health and identity, civic leadership, systematic racism, and more. Your experience will culminate with a course taught by the College Counseling office, which provides a space of deep reflection and empowerment during a time that can often feel stressful to teenagers.

Human Development Requirements

12 units (4 semesters)

All students take The Developing Mind in the ninth grade and Healthy Sexuality in the tenth grade, both year-long. Students take Civic Leadership and College Counseling in both the eleventh and the twelfth grade, both semester-long.

Meet Our Human Development Faculty

Noelle Anderson

Noelle Anderson

Visual Arts Teacher; Human Development Teacher
Kim Fahlen

Kim Fahlen

Director of Student Counseling, Human Development Teacher
Allyson Seal

Allyson Seal

Visual Art Teacher, Human Development Teacher, Human Development Department Chair
Chloe White

Chloe White

Gallard Fellow; Director of Community Engagement; Human Development Teacher
Sabrina Wilson

Sabrina Wilson

Spanish Teacher; Human Development Teacher

Required Courses

  • The Developing Mind
  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Civic Leadership
  • College Counseling

For a complete list of Human Development courses and their descriptions, read the 2022-23 Curriculum Guide

Branson Curriculum Guide

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Read the Curriculum Guide to see all the courses we offer in the 2022-23 academic year.